A list of accomplishments arranged in chronological order.


Hi.  My name is Brad Haarer and I’m a Web Developer and Creator living in Fort Pierce Florida.  I have extensive experience in all aspects of web development, media creation, and administration.  A single parent of a special needs son, I am always available to help on your project or lend my experience to your organization.   Contact me to find out more.

  • Age: Just About Right.
  • Residence: Florida, USA
  • Availability: For Freelance, Contract, and full-time positions
  • References: Available upon Request
  • Email: brad@bradhaarer.com
Web Development

Clean and Modern web development with modern standards and optimizations.


Everything WordPress.  Custom Theme development, Web Application Development, Optimization, Security, Install, and Recovery.

Video Production

Scripting, Editing, Post-Production, Mastering, and Delivery.  Visual Effects and animation.

Server Administration

Install/Setup/Configure Servers for cloud and infrastructure.  Familiar with AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean

Music/Audio Production

Audio Production, Music creation, Mixing and Mastering

Visual Art/Graphic Design

Logo Creation, Print layouts, 3D graphics/images.  Photography and enhancement/cleanup.