Workday Project Intro Video and Interview Video

Project Details

This was a video produced under very strict time constraints to be used as the into to the announcement meeting that Broward College was going to start using a system called “Workday” for it’s internal H.R. paperwork.

I was given about 23 hours to produce the video, but I was not onsite to shoot it.  I came up with the concept and faxed a shot list to a co-worker on site.  He got “most” of the shots and uploaded the footage.  I took it and cut it together, did the post processing and had it back to them two hours before the meeting.  The video was well received.

The idea to do it in “silent movie” format was to avoid having to try and do dialogue takes with…let’s say non-experienced actors and converting the footage to black and white made correcting for lighting difference easier.  And I had one take of each “scene” to work with because there was now time for multiple takes or coverage, which, thankfully for the time crunch, gave me no option but to use the existing footage as best I could. 

The full intro video can be  viewed here.

There is a second half of the video that includes interviews and more technical data, if you are curious it can be viewed on YouTube here.


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