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Web Design

Everything from dynamic database driven websites to custom WordPress themes and development.  Do you need an e-commerce site?  A media centric site?  Portfolio?  Intranet for your business?  Convert your existing site to a more mobile friendly experience?  I can help in all these areas- and more!  Imagination is the limit.


Video and audio is a great way to show off and promote your product or service, or just tell a story. I can help with all aspects of media production; from concept to showtime. I can also help get your existing digital media out into the world via social media and other delivery platforms (YouTube, podcasting, and so on). From video clips, custom presentations, animated videos, or interactive training and e-learning simulations I can help you transform your ideas into engaging results.

Security & Optimization

From the first configuration of a hosting server- to the hardening of protections against hackers and data breaches- I can help get your site online and keep it safe. Need an SSL certificate installed? Server administration? Policies and procedures for user and data security? Want to use Cloud services like Amazon Web Services or Azure? Have a database you need optimized and secured? I can help get your data online and keep it secure.

Site Optimization

Having a site is one thing, but having one that runs fast and clean is another. I can help take your site to the next level by optimizing code, cleaning up and optimizing common site choke points (images, media) and help migrate your site to a cloud based server or Content Delivery Network.

SEO and Social Media

It's no good having a great site if nobody can find it. And it's no good having a great product or service if you can't reach out to the people who are most interested and communicate with them. I can help no only improve your SEO ranking and score using only approved (and legal) methods; but integrate your social media presence into your site and improve how you reach out to potential customers and how you respond to your current customers.

The Benefits Of Experience

Sometimes it's the smallest details that matter the most.


20 Years of Experience

I've been building websites and finding solutions for clients for over 20 years. I know the traps and the pitfalls, I know the best way is not always the quickest- and that sometimes the best answer is not the obvious one.

Build for Today, Design for Tomorrow

Every project is designed to work today and to grow into the future. I want to make sure that the project you have now can grow with you and become the platform for your future ideas.


The Right Tools

All projects are built with the tools and infrastructure that will work best for that project, and that will work best for the project at hand. I don't use a hammer to turn a screw, and I don't use an inappropriate technology or approach for your project.



Because the mobile device is the tool of the future, everything I design and build is done from a "mobile first" perspective- so that they work on mobile devices as well as they work on the desktop computer.

A tremendous problem solver

Brad is the consummate Digital Native. He can function in any platform. He is intuitive and has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly reading and researching new information to stay ahead of the curve.

Dr. Merrie Meyers


Who Am I?

Always working to make the awesome possible.

I am a freelance web developer/engineer from South Florida. For more than twenty years I’ve been building websites, applications, and other solutions for clients ranging from large educational institutions to small local art events. With a combination of experience, skill set, and dedication to my clients- I can build the solution you need now, and for the future.

My goal is always to do more that just build a website, or create an application. I want to create solutions to problems, to share my love what technology can do, and to use a mixture of art and science to do it.

I value creativity and logic. I approach every client with the philosophy that I am working "for" you, and "with" you. My goal is to never act like a "hired gun" and get as much as I can out of a client- but to build a relationship and use my skills and expertise to bring your visions and plans to fruition.

How Can I Help?


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